Candid Edge Photography was birthed by many of years behind a camera lens.  From Polaroid to 35mm to disposable, you name it, I’ve shot with it!  For much of that time, I photographed for fun and to fulfill an intrinsic passion for the arts.  I've been in love with the art of photography for much of my life.  Like many photographers, I’ve always been that family member who captured special moments; through those experiences and so much more, I discovered a niche…. Candid Photography.  Candid photographs many times tells the story for that moment in time; moments that otherwise may be forgotten.  Though I adore the art of Candidry; for the past 13 years, I have analyzed, practiced and studied the art of varied forms of photography with extreme focus.  Afterall, talent can be limited without knowledge and commitment.  In a nutshell, the beauty and artistic composition that comes to life on film led me to develop into more than just a novice….. So Here I Am, the "practiced" photographer!


I live to work hard, have fun, beat to my own drum and create timeless images that evoke emotion and depth.  I find myself inspired by the beauty of the simplest things and by those that I photograph.  For me, photographic art is about seizing the moment.... or as my oldest daughter, Bianca, would say.....

                                                  Carpe Diem!

* My Philosophy *


Don't be afraid to stir up the gifts that God has blessed you with. After you have stirred them up really well, allow your passion to be used for His purpose.  The result is guaranteed to be unlimitless potential and insurmountable FAVOR!

Candidly yours,

Shun Davis

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