Will I get the digital files of my photographic experience? 

Yes, all packages are inclusive of digital prints via CD-R or USB Drive.


Are print photo packages included?

No, print photo packages are not included.  In this electronic age, most clients prefer digital delivery; however, I can provide packages for additional costs.


What is a photo release and what will I need it for?

I include a printable photo release form with all purchased packages.  The release allows you, the consumer, to use and/or print your images in any way that you choose; with the exception of selling them.


At what point do you confirm an appointment for photographic experiences?

For event photographic services, your date is reserved upon receipt of a signed contract and deposit fee is paid (1/3 of total fee).


What forms of payment do you accept?

Billing and payment is sent via PayPal.  If you choose, cash is always an option.


What happens if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Life happens!  In the event that you need to reschedule, let’s work together to find another suitable date and time.  I also ask, except in cases of emergencies, that I am informed 72-48 hours in advance.


Where do you photograph?

The beauty of being an on location is that EVERYWHERE is always an option so be CREATIVE!  However, if your photographic experience requires a closed studio, it can be provided inclusive of additional fees.


Will I travel to photograph an event?

Absolutely!  There is a minimal fee to cover time and travel expenses if travel exceeds 40 miles.


What is TFP?

TFP is the acronym for time for prints.  It’s an exchange of photographic time with the client’s digital images.  Most often, this mutual understanding and agreement is made for up and coming artists and models.  If you would like to discuss this possibility, please submit an inquiry via the contact page.


What is your experience level as a photographer?

I would consider myself to be a practiced photographer.  Meaning, I am not a beginner or novice but consider myself still growing and developing my photographic skill level and style.  The passion for photography was developed as a teen and young adult; I practiced both art form and skill.  Over the past 11 years, I have studied my craft both via photography classes and photographic opportunities via events and lifestyle photographic art.


What do you enjoy most as a photographer?

As an artist, simply put, I enjoy creating!  However, I love to indulge in Candid Photographic Art.  Capturing the intensity of emotions, feelings and the essence of the moment truly tells a story.  I am also a fan of street photography.


I’m all in!  How do we get started?

I’m so excited!  Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3. Submit your information and the type of photographic experience that you are interested in via the "Let's Chat" page.  We will them have an opportunity to schedule a consultation via phone or in person to discuss your photographic needs.

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